2019 Derby King Demolition Derby Rules of Competition

Monday, August 5th; Tuesday August 6th; Saturday August 10th • 7:00 PM
For complete information or questions concerning the rules call (270) 268-1356
Derby King’s number one concern is driver’s safety, and we do admit Demolition Derbies are a dangerous sport. Derby King Promotions assumes no responsibility, liability, or fault in the result of injury from any of these events.  Your participation is your choice!

All participants and visitors in pit area must purchase pit pass.

 1. Promoter has the right to approve or reject any entry. No vans, ambulances, or El Camino type allowed. Any year sedan or station wagon is allowed.

2. Remove all fiberglass panels, all plastic panels and glass, including windshield. Remove all molding, rear seats, hood latches, factory gas tanks, all wheel weights and door handles. Must paint a number on both doors two feet tall and two feet wide.

3. Bumper, any year stock bumper and homemade bumper is permitted. If bumper is homemade, must be flat, no point. Bumper no wider than the car, 10 inches tall. Hardnose bumper is permitted. Front bumper height no higher than 22 inches as measured at the bottom of the bumper. SHOCKS MAY NOT BE RELOCATED. Bumper may be welded to frame. Do you undertand? Do NOT move the bumper shock. If you shorten the frame up, you lose the bumper shock.

4. Must have all factory body bolds, brushings, and spacers. Call about broken bolts. Hood to be bolted or wired down in six places two strands of 9 wire per hole or half inch diameter bolt with three inch wachers. Front core support bolts may be changed out with half inch diameter all thread through the top of the hood and solid mount or three inch spacer. Must have 24 inch minimum square hole cut in hood for access to put out fires. 

5. No frame welding. No protectors of any kind.Engine cradle with factory mount is allowed. Gas tank protection is permitted, must be 12 inches away from all parts of the car, no wider than 24 inches and welded to back seat bar only.

6. Front suspension can be locked out solid, but only by bolting or welding the center of the A-frame. Cars with struts should call.

7. This is a wire only derby, so no welding or bolding panels except front two doors which may have two six-inch long three-inch wide panels welded to them. The trunk lid and station-wagon hatch can be bolted in six places per side with maximum 3/8 inch diamenter bolt and 1 inch wide washer. Hood may be bolted back together where you cut out for headers.

8. May use a floor shifter, headers, and slip drive shaft.

9. Tires round and black. Not tires shorter than 23 inches in height. Wheel center adaptors allowed.

10. Engine and transmission swap is allowed. Must have factory rear end, gears are acceptable. Yes, this means 8.8 rear ends in Ford, Lincholns, and Mercs. No back brace, If you want to run a 9 inch rear end, run the car the rear end came in.

11.Four bar interior floating cage with roll bar allowed. Must be six inches away from the fire wall and transmission. 

12. No ramp back cars. Quarter panels straight up and down, creases are OK , but not folded over. Trunk lid may be under rain channel, must have 24 inch hole in trunk lid or pan for inspection. Rear fram minimum height of 14 inches measured at second body bolt.

13. All other doors and panels to be wired shirt no more than six places, two strands of #9 per hole, not around frame.

14. 1978 and newer model General Motors cars may do the following reinforcements: 36 inch by 1/4 inch thick rear hump plate also may bolt through the frame with 3/8 diameter bolt behind front A-frames in up to four places per side of car with 1 inch wide washer or four inch by 10 inch 1/8th inch gusset similar to what is on newer Fords. No, you cannot do this on products that were not made by General Motors. No more leaf spring conversion. 1978 and newer model General Motors cars may also seam weld from the firewall forward. And strap frame up from cross member area up to door bars with three-inch strap or 9 wire. Rule #14 applies to General Motors products only.

15. Rules subject to change without notice. Call with any questions. Anything left out of rules will be handled by head officials. No welding except bumper, motor mounts, and front doors.

Running of the Car

  1. D.O.T. approved racing helmet, goggles and seat belt required at all times while on track.
  2. One fire will result in disqualification. Fire extinguisher is recommended in the car.
  3. All cars must have dependable brakes at all times, and boundaries must be observed. Drivers must stay in car with ALL safety gear in place until RED flag. Out of car equals out of race.
  4. One minute contact rule enforced. No double-teaming or sandbagging. This WILL result in disqualification. The last car to make contact is the winner!
  5. Anything left out of rules will be left up to OFFICIALS. All decisions of the officials are FINAL!
  6. No deliberate driver’s door hitting, but no use of driver’s door as a shield will be permitted.
  8. Drivers are responsible for all persons in their company.
  9. All persons in pit area must sign in and purchase a pit pass.
  10. Complaints will be heard from drivers only. No wives, girlfriends or pitmen, etc.
  11. No children allowed in pit area.

Mini Car Division Rules

  1. Front wheel drive, unibody only, no rear wheel drive.
  2. May add six-inch front bumper shock, not any longer than six.
  3. May use homemade bumper, no point, flat only, or factory produced big-car bumper cut down to fit your car.
  4. Most large car rules apply to small cars, call with all questions.
  5. No reinforcement of rear-control arms unless approved.

Oval/Figure  Track Rules

        1. This is a timed race open to cars of 109 inches and below.
        2. Four cylinder or six cylinder engines. Two wheel drive unibody only.
        3. Front bumper may be changed. Flat, homemade bumper is acceptable with no point. Call with questions.

Call 270-360-0586 with any questions.