Miss Teen Pageant

Miss Teen (Open to Kentucky Residents)

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 • 6:00 p.m.

Location: Main Show Ring 
(Open to Kentucky) 

For Registration and Information Call:
Brooke Burcham Hurst, Director (689-0425)Home, (801-3546)Cell
Bridget Kremer, Director (586-4646), (859) 801-5537
Shanon Adams, Assistant Director (586-7953)
Beverly Burcham (586-7441) Home;(371-9340) Work; (859-380-5599)Cell
For forms: www.boonecountyfair.org
Registration Fee: $20.00 ((due by Aug. 1st, mail form or call to enter)
Registration due by August 1st, or limit of 40, whichever comes first.
No Rehearsal 
  1. Contestant must have reached 13th Birthday by Oct. 31 and cannot have reached her 16th Birthday by November 1.
  2. The contestant must be single, never married, never had a marriage annulled and never had any children. Must be a full time student in an accredited Kentucky school system.
  3. Contestant must be resident of Kentucky.
  4. Arrive at 5:00 pm on day of pageant for brief instructions. 
  5. Contestants will compete in opening number attire and will be chosen on beauty, poise and personality. 
  6. Winner must conduct herself as deemed appropriate by pageant committee, or forfeit title and right to compete at state.
  7. If a contestant has previously won another County Fair Pageant this year, she is ineligible to enter the Boone Co. Pageant. Contestant can represent only one Fair. 


1st prize:
$150, Trophy, Sash, a Crown, , a Pendant Necklace (given by Swinford Jewelers) , and an all Expense Paid Trip for Contestant and Chaperon to Louisville where “Miss Teen” will represent Boone County in the State Contest, “Miss Teen Kentucky County Fair”.
2nd prize: $75.00 and Trophy
3rd prize: $50.00 and Trophy (given by: Second Date Dresses)
4th prize: $25.00 and Trophy